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ECM is a reference in the preparation of geological and geotechnical studies, with proven experience in:

- Geological and hydrogeological studies;
- Seismological studies and assessment of the seismic hazard and liquefaction potential;
- Planning, monitoring of prospection works and development of geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological models;
- Caracterization of foundations and design of retaining structures;
- Inventory, caracterization and quantification of construction materials;
- Stability analysis of natural slopes and embankment/escavation slopes and design of drainage and retaining structures;
- Assessment of soil digging conditions;
- Assesssment of Geological and Geotechnical Hazard.


The combination of accumulated experience with the multidisciplinarity of intervention areas enables ECM to develop the following studies and geotechnical design:

- Concrete and embankment dams;
- Hydropower Plants;
- Power transmission lines and substations;
- Oil and gas pipelines;
- Adduction systems and hydraulic structures;
- Road and rail communication routes;
- Building foundations;
- Underground structures;
- Wind farms;
- Sanitary landfills;
- Earthworks;
- Retaining structures;
- Soil treatment and strengthening;
- Construction and rehabilitation of tailings dams;
- Drainage networks for acidic waters from mining areas.


It is ECM's mission to contribute decisively to the sustainable use of natural resources and preservation of the environment. In conjunction with other technical assets (internal or in partnership with external consultants) ECM is accredited to produce the following geoenvironmental studies:

- Assessment of geological impacts;
- Identification and monitoring of contaminant plumes;
- Rehabilitation and environmental management of mining areas;
- Stabilization and reabilitation of cliffs and natural slopes;
- Monitoring of vibrations caused by rock blasting;
- Systems for retention and decanting of acidic waters;

In cooperation with different technical specializations, achieved in partnership with experienced and dedicated consultants, ECM is accredited to prepare the following studies in the field of groundwater resources:

- Hydrological and climatological studies;
- Inventory of water points;
- Hydrogeological studies and assessment of the availability of groundwater;
- Modelling of hydrogeological systems;
- Caracterization of hydrodynamic and hydrochemical parameters of aquifers;
- Planning, monitoring and interpretation of pumping tests;
- Assessment of impacts in groundwater and vulnerability studies of aquifers;
- Preparation of plans for monitoring groundwater quality;
- Monitoring of groundwater quality with multiparametric probe;
- Delineation of Water Catchment Protection Perimeters.


ECM presents a consolidated experience in the area of activity which includes geophysical studies:

- Refraction Seismics;
- Geoelectrical tomography;
- Eletromagnetics;
- Magnetics;
- Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW);
- Georadar;
- Cuttings integrity tests (PIT and Cross-Hole).


The vast experience of ECM's staff ensures the necessary know-how to the conception of integrated solutions of geotechnical engineering, enabling us to affect technical and human resources of recognized competence to the preparation and implementation of monitoring programs for geotechnical works. Partnerships with leading companies in the manufacture, supply and installation of monitoring and observation equipment enable ECM to monitor the following type of works:

- Current Embankments;
- Embankments on Soft Soils;
- Embankment Dams;
- Waste Landfills;
- Tailings Dams and Sterile Stacks;
- Escavation Slopes;
- Cliffs and Natural Slopes;
- Foundations of Structures;
- Retaining Structures;
- Underground Works;
- Pile Integrity Tests (PIT / Cross Hole).


Continuous investment in the qualified training of its technical staff and permanent articulation between design and construction stages enable ECM to provide experienced teams to the geological and geotechnical monitoring of engineering works.